This site is a resource place for those in the custodial, janitorial, cleaning and facility maintenance line of work. Try out the message board. Some suggestions for issues to “chew on”: Do you call yourself Janitor, Custodian, Maid, Public Building Domestic Maintenance Engineer? What do you like about your job? What cleaning chemicals and equipment do you like to use? Are the cleaning chemicals safe or do body parts fall off? Are shift hours steady? Are you treated with respect and are your ideas honestly considered? Have problems with vandalism? Got good advice on cleaning, repairing and preventing vandalism and littering? How about recycling, hazardous materials, safety and injury issues….need help or have information to share? Also we set up a Facebook Group page here.

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What do you know about Green Cleaning? Do you like team cleaning? Use micro fiber? Do you do hazardous cleanups? Do you set up bleachers? Have back issues with lunch table set ups? When more tasks are added to your shift are you given more time to complete these tasks or not? Were your hours cut but workload remained the same? Have you any humorous on the job stories? Wish to share sage advice on getting along with co-workers, staff, students? Have any great safety tips? Do you have a “best” way to do a job or handy hints? Are your co-workers just out and out strange? J Let it all out here… share your pain!

Custodial Workers Resource website was first built in 1999 by a custodial worker from Bellingham , WA. The site was transferred to a WordPress format in 2014.

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